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Cloud managed Wi-Fi

AI-driven, adaptive Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi environment is constantly changing and prone to interference from various sources, causing a poor in-home experience. This increases support calls, expensive truck rolls and potential churn. Our best-in-class, cloud-managed Wi-Fi solutions enable you to target and capture residential, small business, wholesale and MDU markets, growing revenue and ARPU. Our cloud-managed Wi-Fi solutions include intuitive, self-care apps that put the subscriber in control and allow you to provide a personalized experience with value-added features, such as parental controls, network security and guest access to manage the in-home experience.


Empower your CSRs with deep insight

Delivering Wi-Fi that works significantly cuts inbound calls, freeing your staff to work on strategic business initiatives. However, when subscribers call, empower your customer service representatives (CSRs) team with the insights needed to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Use cloud-based software tools to gather data from the network, in-home Wi-Fi and connected devices. In minutes, you can analyze that data to pinpoint the root cause and enable the CSR to resolve or remotely troubleshoot the issue, eliminating unnecessary truck rolls.


Unlocking innovation with open platforms

Our cloud-managed Wi-Fi solutions are built on open standards, such as OpenWrt, TR-069 and OpenSync™. They enable you to abstract services from underlying technology, unlock service innovation, accelerate new service rollouts and grow new revenue streams. Our solution enables you to deliver a consistent service experience across technology generations (Wi-Fi 5, 6, 6E, and 7) and provides a platform to create and roll out new value-added services, leveraging subscriber usage insights, driving ARPU and increasing service stickiness.

Mosaic Device Manager

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