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Open optical networks

Ultimate flexibility

Disaggregation, open networking and SDN control have become key themes when discussing the future of optical networks. The need for hardware and software that enable open, flexible, multi-vendor fiber optic networks has reached boiling point. By decoupling terminal functions from the optical line system, operators are able to take advantage of different innovation cycles and evolve and optimize each network layer separately. Open optical networking also means a move away from closed, vendor-specific and product-specific management and control systems. By means of open programmable interfaces, the optical network becomes a programmable resource that can be integrated into open orchestrators for end-to-end control in transport SDN-based environments.

Smooth and faster adoption of innovation

Open line systems empower users to introduce the latest coherent innovation when and where needed.
Our FSP 3000 is truly open and offers unrivaled choice, scale and flexibility.

Future-proof network infrastructure

Our open line system with high-resolution flexgrid technology enables the optimum transport of any current and future coherent wavelength.

Our FSP 3000 is truly open

With an open line system (OLS) disaggregated from the optical terminals, an open software architecture and an open commercial model, our FSP 3000 platform is truly open. FSP 3000 open optical terminals with ultra-flexible, programmable coherent interfaces achieve unprecedented levels of spectrum efficiency even over legacy networks. With fractional QAM, operators can optimize capacity and reach on any lightpath by choosing modulation order and baud rate without rigid steps. What’s more, optical networks achieve new levels of flexibility with our FSP 3000 OLS. Its modular architecture and multiple types of ROADMs, filters and amplifiers guarantee flexible and cost-efficient networks that can scale. Moreover, high-resolution flexgrid technology enables operators to configure each channel bandwidth individually. This maximizes the use of the optical spectrum and enables the optimum transmission of channels with high spectral width.

Enabling new wholesale service offerings

Our FSP 3000 OLS opens the door to new revenue streams via optical spectrum services.

Open and agile SDN transport

Open optical networking also requires open SDN control. Open terminals and line systems must be accessible and controllable through a multi-vendor centralized controller or orchestrator. Our FSP 3000 features open, NETCONF-based application programming interfaces (APIs). This makes it the ultimate solution for seamless integration with standard interfaces into northbound umbrella controllers. For higher scalability and simplified operation, our Ensemble Controller can be deployed between the optical layer and the multi-vendor controller or orchestrator. It creates a map of the underlying physical infrastructure, hiding the complexity and intrinsic physical characteristics of this infrastructure, while enabling greater network automation and optimization. With a standardized T-API northbound interface, our Ensemble Controller has been engineered to work with all open-source and commercial SDN controllers. Moreover, it integrates FSP 3000 network management and domain control in a single platform.

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