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Adaptive Wi-Fi by Plume

AI-driven, adaptive Wi-Fi – powered by Plume

Plume is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) experience platform for communications service providers (CSPs) and their subscribers, enabling the rapid delivery of new services for connected homes (and beyond) on a massive scale. Built on OpenSync™, the Plume solution enables providers to deploy best-in-class Wi-Fi experiences with breakthrough efficiency. The Plume SaaS platform consists of a suite of AI-enabled subscriber services (HomePass and WorkPass) to address residential, MDU and SMB markets and comprehensive service provider data tools (Haystack) that provide real-time visibility into subscriber satisfaction and actionable insights to increase loyalty.

Plume HomePass

CSPs need to deliver high-value services at scale to stand out from competitors, boost revenue and reduce churn. Enhance the subscriber’s smart home experience with Plume HomePass, a suite of cloud-controlled smart home services. Plume HomePass enables CSPs ...
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Plume WorkPass

Fast, reliable connectivity is essential for running a small business, but the right network can unlock even more: productivity, security and marketing insights, empowering them to thrive. Plume WorkPass is a business intelligence platform that blends enterprise-grade ...
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Plume Haystack

Haystack helps CSPs increase revenue and decrease churn with end-to-end visibility of the entire network, real-time issue identification, troubleshooting tools and automated workflows to resolve problems proactively. By prioritizing personalization and high performance ...
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