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Cloud software

Operational transformation

Broadband and enterprise networks being deployed today will not be supported by the same level of human capital as the communications networks of the past. Modern networks will need to support many current and emerging smart home and enterprise applications and do so with superior customer experience compared to the past. Bridging this resource gap while elevating brand equity and assuring competitiveness requires AI-driven pay-as-you-grow cloud-based software applications that maximize your resources. Also known as software-as-a-service (SaaS), these application platforms offer your network engineers and planners, your sales and marketing teams, and your customer care centers purposeful actionable intelligence that goes directly to meeting business objectives.


Work smarter, not harder 

To enable AI-driven network control, insights, and optimization applications and do so across all network elements, modern access networks must use open networking architectures that support the ultra-short micro-release schedules needed to build a self-driving network. Traditional and emerging communications providers are adopting new open service architectures and becoming more agile as they deploy new services from their networks and support new consumer applications. Common open APIs defined by industry consortiums – not individual networking equipment suppliers – will be natively supported by all network elements and management systems. This provides a standardized, efficient way of extracting real-time data from the network while simultaneously delivering capacity and performance-optimizing instructions. 


Greater return on your investment 

SaaS applications that offer multi-vendor, multi-technology end-to-end access domain orchestration and SDN control will reduce time to revenue by streamlining your service creation and network expansion by operating a unified, multi-vendor solution. What’s more, they lower your cost per customer add by automating service delivery across both Adtran and third-party network elements and expand your network’s capability by incorporating emerging network automation, real-time intelligence, and optimization applications launched from a unified view of network and subscriber insights and associated actionable intelligence.