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Intelligent Wi-Fi built for service providers

Intellifi® is a complete connected home solution purpose-built for communications service providers (CSPs). Part of our Mosaic One software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, Intellifi® empowers you to deliver an intelligent, secure and personalized Wi-Fi experience to residential subscribers.

Wi-Fi made easy

With an intuitive mobile app, your subscribers can be online in minutes and use the enhanced features to manage, personalize and secure their home network – enhancing satisfaction and building a loyal customer base. Intelligent mesh network features ensure seamless connectivity and roaming, buffer-free 4K streaming and gaming, and an “always-on” system, delivering a high-performance, resilient network.


Flexible and powerful SaaS tools

When Wi-Fi issues arise, Intellifi® provides comprehensive cloud management capabilities and detailed telemetry insights, empowering your helpdesk and frontline customer service representatives to pinpoint and resolve problems quickly. At the same time, Intellifi® offers flexibility and customization options, enabling you to define and deliver a differentiated subscriber experience. 


Higher revenue, lower TCO

Intellifi® provides revenue-generating tools and insights to identify upgrade candidates and new customer segments, turning a support call into an upsell opportunity. Combined with simple, transparent pricing and AI-driven network insights with Mosaic One, Intellifi® delivers greater ROI while lowering your total cost of ownership. 

Intellifi® MeshView

Our powerful cloud-hosted managed Wi-Fi portal enables CSPs to manage and optimize in-home Wi-Fi experiences. From identifying and analyzing subscriber issues to remotely resolving Wi-Fi problems, Intellifi® MeshView empowers frontline helpdesk and expert technical support staff.
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Intellifi® mobile app

An intuitive mobile app that enables self-installs and offers enhanced controls for a personalized in-home Wi-Fi experience. The Intellifi® app offers extensive network stats, speed test results, device identification, parental controls, network security and guest access features.
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