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Fiber aggregation

Unlocking the multigigabit edge

The expected growth of Gigabit and multigigabit services requires operators to architect network access scalability upfront. For this reason, we’ve delivered a data center-influenced standalone OLT architecture paired with non-blocking leaf-spine fabric and aggregation switching. A key characteristic of these leaf-spine switching networks is that all leaf switches have full meshed connectivity to the spine switches.


Horizontal scalability, mesh network resiliency


Access and aggregation switches support advanced switching architectures that are highly scalable and resilient. Our fiber aggregation solutions enable horizontal scalability (scaling out versus up), which allows the operator to add capacity on the fly. Mesh switching provides multiple paths for each network element, creating a highly fault-tolerant network. These switches can be deployed as a spine, top-of-rack leaf switch, or middle-of-row leaf switch to interconnect computing and storage functions with aggregate Fiber-to-the-Premises, Carrier Ethernet access, and aggregation components.

SDX 8000 Series

Our SDX 8000 Series of access and aggregation switches applies open and programmable SDN architectures for scaling data centers ...
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