Software-Defined Access

Software-Defined Access

Building Simple, Sustainable Networks for Scale

What is Software-Defined Access (SD-Access)?

Disaggregated hardware, software, and network control accelerates the adoption of sustainable multi-vendor technologies by integrating natively into any open-source software-defined networking (SDN) controller and service orchestrator.

What are the Benefits of SD-Access?

Sustainable Technologies

Architecture modularity greatly simplifies the integration of next generation innovation. Single high-scale fabric provides improved power and space efficiency. Affords the use of higher density electronics that maximize ASIC utilization to lower power consumption on a per-sub basis.

Service Velocity

Service providers create new differentiated services more rapidly. They automate service activation, network provisioning deploying services across multiple access technologies and multiple supplier platforms simultaneously.

Integration Costs

Open and disaggregated network architectures provide operators greater network control. This reduces new vendor, new technology on-boarding complexity lowering the cost to build, operate, innovate, and maintain a network. It affords expanded service granularity, network scalability.

Network Operations

SDN enables self-service capabilities reducing the reliance on skilled labor while reducing issues resulting from human error and IT complexity. This architecture supports adoption of advanced network intelligence gathering.

Why SD-Access?

Fiber access network architectures have rapidly evolved to encompass proven data center design principles affording operators similar efficiency gains in both network buildout and service delivery leading to elevated investor value and market competitiveness.

Why Adtran?

Adtran provides the most open, multivendor-aligned solution.
This affords supply chain flexibility and diversity supporting
the acceleration of more sustainable technologies.  

Featured Resources

Adtran Frames SD-Access

Learn where it all began as Ray Le Maistre interviews then Adtran Americas CTO Robert Conger in 2017 as they discuss the progression of open and disaggregated networking and how and why the market will adopt this new software-defined access architecture to connect consumers to their cloud-based services.

Change is Happening Fast

The world is changing. We are moving to a platform economy of user-driven services. Operator networks must have the flexibility, bandwidth, and scale to meet this challenge. More open, programmable, and scalable network architectures are the future. The future is now.

Broadband Forum Recognizes Adtran’s SD-Access Leadership and Industry Contributions

The Broadband Forum has always been about bringing the best and brightest minds together to solve unique challenges the broadband industry faces every day. The Forum is pleased to continue its working relationship with Adtran, as the company is a valuable source of knowledge on the broadband industry.

Deutsche Telekom Selects Adtran for Access 4.0 OLT Network

A key to our success will be Adtran’s domain experience, their history of working with DT on its large-scale access initiatives, and their commitment to delivering an open, scalable, and disaggregated solution.

Openreach Connects First Customer on Adtran

Our engineers have been building faster than ever during the pandemic, and we’re working closely with strategic partners like Adtran to help us innovate, extend and accelerate the build even further, without compromising on quality. Our partnership with Adtran gives us the ability to scale the build and deliver on our commitment to reaching 20 million homes with FTTP by the mid-to-late 2020s.

Broadband Forum Honors Adtran’s Nick Hancock for Advancing Open SD-Access Networks

The integration of Common YANG across all network elements will be a key enabler to unleashing the future self-driving networks. This is critical if network operators wish to fully maximize their network assets in their effort to hold their multibillion-dollar CAPEX budget levels in check.

The Greening of our Fibre Networks

Extinction awaits those who cannot rapidly get on top of their energy consumption

Fiber Access Brochure

Adtran's market-leading, sustainable fiber access platform simplifies multi-gigabit service delivery regardless of density, topology, or application needs.