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Ensemble Sync Director

Precision accuracy

Distributing and assuring phase, frequency and time-of-day synchronization are critical components of today’s communication networks. Network operations increasingly depends on centralized visibility and control of this mission-critical timing environment. Our Ensemble Sync Director provides the flexibility, availability, scalability and performance required to meet growing demand for network and application synchronization.

Simplified management and assurance

An intuitive graphical user interface enables streamlined, cost-effective operations.
Designed from the bottom up to support continuous assessment and assured timing precision for today's critical infrastructure networks ...

End-to-end monitoring

Our Ensemble Sync Director assures the health status of each device and provides a view on domain and master-slave hierarchy.

A fresh view of synchronization

Our Ensemble Sync Director uses topology mapping to display the entire synchronization infrastructure in graphical format. This gives a pictorial representation of all configured synchronization network resources, the relationships between them, and the health of the entire infrastructure. By monitoring synchronization topology and status changes, network operators can easily identify issues and trigger appropriate action.

Multi-vendor management

Take control of PTP grandmaster and client instances from third-party providers.

Pinpointing faults

With our Ensemble Sync Director, the highest performance of time-critical network applications is guaranteed. Designed from the bottom up to support continuous assessment and assured timing precision for today’s critical infrastructure networks, our Ensemble Sync Director supports the complete Syncjack™ test framework. It configures, initiates and monitors all Syncjack™ routines and schedules test procedures, enabling step-by-step troubleshooting and fault isolation.

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