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Mosaic One

AI-driven intelligent SaaS, actionable intelligence

Mosaic One offers cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) that aggregates information from management and orchestration platforms, broadband access, and consumer in-home devices to deliver three portals: Care, Operate, and Promote.


Unified view, simplified management, revenue realizing

Mosaic One streamlines customer care, network operations, and marketing campaigns to safeguard customer loyalty and increase your bottom line through AI-driven insights and actionable intelligence.

Mosaic One Care

Mosaic One Care enables support teams to access a unified view of a customer’s experience and utilize actionable intelligence to resolve customer issues on the first call, improving satisfaction and reducing costly escalation.
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Mosaic One Operate

Mosaic One Operate equips network engineering and maintenance teams with AI-driven insights to preemptively identify at-risk connections and alarms, reduce truck rolls and minimize network downtime.
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Mosaic One Promote

Mosaic One Promote empowers marketing teams to easily leverage customer insights, advanced filters and marketing platform integrations. This knowledge enables marketers to target the right customer with the right service campaign every time. 
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