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Lighting up the 21st century

Electric cooperatives once brought light to homes in the darkest corners of the nation. They now emerge as the champions of high-speed fiber broadband deployment in rural regions. Working to bridge a digital chasm that has long separated rural and urban communities, these companies are connecting millions of residential and business customers to faster, more reliable internet. Up and down the country, electric cooperatives are diversifying their offering to include fiber broadband services and seeing a significant return on investment as a result of moving quickly to fulfill booming demand.

An absence of high-quality internet infrastructure means residents and business owners based in rural regions cannot get the same access to essential digitalized services taken for granted in more densely populated areas. The desire for high-speed broadband in rural America is strong, but until now, telecom providers have not moved to fulfill demand. Here, electric cooperatives find a new niche. In addition to building smarter power networks using fiber optic technology, they are connecting rural regions to high-quality internet and helping them attract much-needed investment.

Now, read our white paper to discover how US electric cooperatives leverage a sense of civic duty, deep-rooted community ties and an unparalleled understanding of local terrains to bring fast and reliable fiber broadband to America’s underserved communities. Join us as we explain fiber broadband’s impact on power generation and distribution. And discover electric cooperatives’ historical mission of electrification and how these companies are now harnessing their infrastructure and expertise to ensure rural America benefits from the same high-quality connectivity as its urban counterpart.