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Solution briefs

Mosaic One

In today’s fiercely competitive broadband market, merely providing subscribers with a high-speed internet connection is not enough. In addition to delivering an exceptional customer experience, communications service providers (CSPs) must also leverage value-driving applications that help them optimize capital and operational expenditure. They need a solution that ensures speed, consistency and reliability for customers as data demand accelerates. And a platform that strategically harnesses data to increase ARPU and build customer loyalty.

Mosaic One is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) specifically designed to help CSPs navigate and benefit from a rapidly evolving digital landscape. It gathers AI-driven insights from diverse sources and delivers actionable intelligence to maximize customer satisfaction, loyalty and spend. Organized into three distinct dashboard portals — Care, Operate, and Promote — Mosaic One is designed to simplify, optimize and enhance the roles of support teams, network engineers and marketers.

Download our solution brief now to discover how, with one login to Mosaic One, CSPs can more effectively address customer issues, pre-empt impending disruptions to services and assess subscriber behavior to guide precisely targeted marketing campaigns. From brand growth to network management to in-home Wi-Fi optimization, Mosaic One provides a complete fiber networking solution.