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Service delivery gateways

Unlocking the multigigabit era

We offer a complete portfolio of Wi-Fi 6, 6E and 7 service delivery gateways (SDGs) and SaaS tools that enable you to deliver multigigabit throughput and enhanced user experiences. Our SDGs enable you to offer multiple speed tiers – from mass market broadband to Gigabit and premium multigigabit services. This flexibility empowers you to serve a wide array of residences, be it compact apartments, sprawling multi-dwelling units (MDUs) or large multi-level multi-room homes.


Better designs for a great smart home experience

The innovative designs of our SDG 800, 8600 and 8700 Series minimize interference, enabling you to deliver 360° coverage and whole-home multigigabit throughput to all devices and users. In addition, our SDGs are engineered with powerful multicore ARM processors to deliver up to 10Gbit/s line rates, connect over 200 devices, and power new revenue-generating apps, all while lowering energy usage with intelligent power management. 

Open platforms for complete flexibility

Our SDG 800, 8600 and 8700 Series are unique in the industry, providing support for your choice of open-source managed Wi-Fi platforms (Intellifi, Plume and TR-069). They offer the flexibility to seamlessly transition between platforms, freeing you from the constraints of vendor lock-in. By tailoring the right solution for the right target market, you can deploy differentiated services to capture loyal customers, unlock new revenue streams and grow ARPU. 

SDG 800 Series

The average home has over 20 connected devices and growing. Fast, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity is a must, not a choice. We offer a complete portfolio of next-generation residential and business gateways, mesh Wi-Fi systems and SaaS tools designed to deliver ...
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SDG 8600 Series

Our 2nd generation SDG 8600 Series of Wi-Fi 6 and 6E devices are carrier-class, true multigigabit residential gateways and mesh satellites that combine power and energy efficiency in a compact footprint 60% smaller than other carrier-grade residential gateways ...
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SDG 8700 Series

Our next-generation SDG 8700 Series Wi-Fi 7 devices are carrier-class 10Gbit/s residential gateways built for the extremely high throughput (EHT) era. With 6GHz and ultra-wide 320MHz channel support and featuring new multi-link operations (MLO), they deliver Wi-Fi at speeds of 10Gbit/s and beyond ...
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