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SDX 6000 Series

Open, vendor-neutral aligned networks

Our SDX 6000 Series of software-defined optical line terminals (OLTs) consists of open and disaggregated access devices that support a broad range of PON standards, including 10G Combo PON, XGS-PON, GPON, and 10G-EPON. These devices are built using modern design principles and apply lessons learned from data center networks. This approach is an architectural shift from previous networks that have historically relied on closed, monolithic systems managed by vendor-specific management systems. This evolution enables operators to vastly lower their costs to build, operate, innovate, and grow their networks. 

SDX 6330-48

Our latest generation 10G Combo PON OLT delivers the industry’s highest port density and greatest service scale featuring the industry’s first integrated 400GbE uplink. The 48-port high-density OLT can support 6,000 subscribers in a compact, integrated 2.5RU form factor reducing the space, cost and power per port as it scales up to support massive 100k subscriber systems or small cabinet-based deployments. Part number 11971340F1.

SDX 6324-4

Our SDX 6324 stands out as the industry’s smallest Combo PON OLT. This 10G four-port fiber access platform is designed specifically for small-scale broadband deployments where flexibility and cost-efficiency are key. The SDX 6324 matches the capabilities of higher-port systems yet comes at a significantly reduced price. Engineered for up to 500 subscribers, it’s the ideal solution for extending multigigabit connectivity to underserved areas. Part number 11971325F1.

SDX 6020-48

Our SDX 6020-48 GPON OLT is a high-density 2RU device that supports 48 GPON ports. The OLT offers four 100GbE and four 10GbE uplink interfaces with embedded redundancy options to ensure scalability and support for next-generation residential, business and mobile backhaul. Part number 11971301F1.

SDX 6320-16

Our SDX 6320-16 10G Combo PON OLT is a compact 1.5RU device that is compatible with any high-density aggregation system. The OLT supports 16 GPON, XGS-PON or 10G Combo PON ports and offers four 100GbE and four 10GbE uplink interfaces with embedded redundancy options to ensure scalability to support next-generation residential, business and mobile backhaul. Part number 11971330F1.

SDX 6312-4

Our SDX 6312-4 10G Combo PON Remote OLT is an environmentally sealed device that reduces time-to-market and effectively addresses low-density rural broadband markets to deliver multigigabit services. The OLT supports XGS-PON, GPON or 10G Combo PON optics, supporting up to 512 subscribers across four PON ports. The OLT offers four 10GbE uplink interfaces. Part number 41971310F1.
Feature  6330-48 6320-16  6324-4  6020-48 6010-16  6310-4  6210-4 
10G Combo PON supported
XGS-PON interfaces 48 16 4 4
GPON interfaces 48 16 4 48 16 4
10G-EPON interfaces   4
Max subscribers per chassis 6,144 2,048 512 6,144 2,048 512 512
Rack units 2.5RU 1.5RU 1RU 2RU 1RU Environmentally sealed Environmentally sealed
Part number 11971340F1 11971330F1 11971325F1 11971301F1 11971305F1 41971310F1 41971420F1

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