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SDX 2200 Series

Accelerating multigigabit broadband deployment

Our SDX 2200 Series is the second generation of Gfast distribution point units (DPUs) and is a complementary solution to existing GPON or next-generation XGS-PON networks. Service providers can leverage these DPUs to support the extension of fiber deeper into the network and offer symmetric Gigabit service rates to subscribers in multi-dwelling units (MDUs). Our Gfast DPUs offer various port densities (4, 8, 16, 24, and 48 ports), flexible powering options (local and reverse power variants), and indoor and sealed outdoor housing. Our portfolio also includes Gigabit-ready Gfast modems for placement within the living unit.

SDX 2221-04

Our SDX 2221-04 is an indoor, 4-port Gfast DPU for small multi-tenant or FTTH applications. The DPU is optimized for small sites and rooms with demand for noiseless operation and has efficient reverse feed powering. Part number 11321708Fx.

SDX 2221-16

Our SDX 2221-16 is a 16-port Gfast DPU with indoor and outdoor variants and multiple powering options. This DPU provides economic broadband access with ultrahigh data rates close to the customer premises. Part number 1132178xFx.

SDX 2221-48

Our SDX 2221-48 is an indoor, 48-port DPU for medium-density apartments and dense high-rise condominiums. Service providers can deliver symmetric Gigabit broadband utilizing existing wiring, eliminating resident disruption. Part number 11321774Fx.

423G Gfast CPE

Our 423G Gfast customer premises equipment (CPE) is a compact modem with a single Gigabit Ethernet port used to terminate Gfast subscribers. Featuring an integrated reverse power injector (RPI), the RPI feeds power to the upstream DPU, enabling service providers to deploy DPUs anywhere without needing local power. Part number 11321713F23.

Feature 2221-04 2221-08 2221-16 2221-24 2221-48
Deployment options Indoor Indoor or outdoor Indoor or outdoor
Subscriber ports 4 8 16 24 48 
Wiring support Twisted pair Twisted pair Twisted pair Twisted pair Twisted pair 
1GbE/10GbE uplink interface 1 1 1 2
GPON/XGS-PON uplink interface 1 1 1 1 1
Powering options AC w/ MELT or RPF AC, AC w/ MELT, or RPF AC, AC w/ MELT, or RPF
AC or AC w/ MELT AC or AC w/ MELT
Mounting options Wall  Pedestal, wall, pit, or pole
Pedestal, wall, pit, or pole
Rack or wall  Rack or wall 
Part number 11321708Fx 1132177xFx 1132178xFx 11321714Fx 11321774Fx 

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