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FSP 150-XG100Pro Series

Painlessly scale and secure your network

New mobile technologies, cloud-based services and data-hungry appliances create a demand for ever-increasing bandwidth and present service providers with an abundance of new revenue opportunities. But concerns about “bigger” networks consuming more power, using more rack space and eating into profitability can get in the way. This is why we’ve designed our FSP 150 XG100Pro Series to provide 10Gbit/s service capability in a 1Gbit/s form factor and with a power consumption typical of a 1Gbit/s device.

Multi-technology edge device

Combining 1Gbit/s-to-10Gbit/s aggregation and 10Gbit/s demarcation with a rich set of programmability and security features.
The compact design enables network capacity to be increased without exceeding space and power requirements.


With crypto-agility and post-quantum cryptography, our FSP 150-XG118 (CSH) provides protection against emerging quantum threats.

A unified 10G solution portfolio

Faster networks need more powerful network elements. But introducing new products is time-consuming and resource intensive. Now, there’s a short cut to this costly process. We’re empowering your edge with our wide range of programmable 10Gbit/s demarcation and aggregation products for every need. With a common management system, our solutions significantly reduce the effort of network integration. Whether two or more than twenty GbE interfaces are required, the superb scalability of our FSP 150 XG100Pro Series makes it an ideal solution.

Superior manageability

Our Ensemble Controller suite features future-proof SDN control and open APIs.

Hardware-based synchronization for 5G timing

Our FSP 150-XG100Pro Series combines MEF 3.0 IP and Carrier Ethernet service demarcation and edge aggregation with programmability and security. It also supports highly precise synchronization with hardware-based SyncE and PTP, making it a perfect fit for applications with the most demanding timing requirements such as 5G mobile networks or power utilities. What’s more, with open programming interfaces, our FSP 150-XG100Pro Series can easily be operated by standards-compliant SDN controllers.

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