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Fiber experts Adtran, FiberRise and KGPCo empower electric utilities to break down barriers to rural broadband

Nation’s first all-electric, end-to-end solution enables electric utilities to rapidly fund, build and operate multigigabit fiber networks

Adtran®, Inc., (NASDAQ: ADTN),the leading provider of fiber access and fiber extension solutions, today announced its partnership with FiberRise and KGPCo to deliver end-to-end, utility-grade broadband solutions and services. This partnership is the first of its kind to offer the expertise, labor, products, automation software, support and supply chain capabilities in one turnkey program. Program participants are guaranteed to receive the support to fund build and operate new fiber broadband systems in under 10 months. This will enable electric cooperatives, investor-owned utilities (IOUs), public power companies and nationalized entities to increase customer growth and ARPU while lowering churn and operational expenses.

It is a pivotal time for fiber broadband and electric utilities can play an essential role in connecting their communities. The recent passing of the US Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act included a $65 billion broadband package. As electric utilities look to become broadband providers, the partnership between Adtran, FiberRise and KGPCo provides dedicated levels of support for broadband and grid modernization efforts, as well as guides them on how to navigate new federal funding opportunities. While Adtran is the North American leader in the delivery of multigigabit fiber access solutions, FiberRise pioneered utility grade broadband support, including business model development, feasibility studies, design, construction, installation and network operations. KGPCo offers advanced supply chain and distribution capabilities with a large inventory to expedite the delivery of network solutions.

Prentiss County Electric Power Association (PCEPA) is a utility in Mississippi that was able to complete its broadband build in under a year with the help of Adtran, FiberRise and other ecosystem partners. “We were able to build a Gigabit broadband network across all of Prentiss County Electric’s service area and in parts of four adjoining counties,” said Ronny Rowland, GM of PCEPA. “We on-boarded over 5,000 subscribers in one year and fiber broadband is now available to every home and business PCEPA serves.”

Fiber broadband is now available to every home and business.
Ronny Rowland, GM of PCEPA

“The electric utility has become a major key to solving a societal issue that has lingered for decades: the digital divide. This partnership is mission-driven to resolve this issue,” said Craig Stein, VP of sales at Adtran. “Telecommunications and broadband expertise are the domain of Adtran, FiberRise and KGPCo, and together we will help these utilities build multigigabit-capable fiber infrastructure to modernize their electric grid communications and ensure broadband equity for their communities for generations.”

“We exist to serve rural communities by exclusively working with electric coops to deliver the expertise needed to lead them into the broadband business,” said Tommy Harmon, CEO at FiberRise. “We are delighted to provide our expertise for in-house funding and design services with Adtran’s and KGPCo’s proven and large-scale capabilities to deliver the technical, labor and material needs required by our clients.”

“KGPCo is the industry’s largest US communications product distribution and service solution provider and we take careful consideration to select the right partners to address our customers’ unique needs,” said Peter Wraight, CSO at KGPCo. “By partnering with Adtran and FiberRise, we are certain that our customers will benefit from the unmatched support and differentiated solutions that both of these leading companies offer.”