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Partner program

Program structure

Curious to know how our program is structured? Our tiered approach is simple and easy to understand. We want all of our partners to have access to foundational support, so no matter the tier, there are resources available to support your growth.

To further enhance our value as collaborators, we increase the support and resources available to you as you grow through the tiers. The more customer relationships there are, the more we want to make sure you have the tools and resources you need. For additional questions about these tiers, please reach out to [email protected].

Benefits of being a partner

Overarching benefits:

  • Enhanced relationship
    • Dedicated partner success manager and engagement time
    • Engagement with Adtran sales and sales engineers
    • Engagement with marketing, support and others
  • Adtran partner portal, My Adtran and more!
    • Tools and resources for operations, sales, finance and marketing
    • Updates, request forms, support community, guides, etc.
    • Deal registration, lead disbursements, sales enablement training, marketing assets
  • Sales enablement
    • Virtual and in-person training
    • Personalized training diplomas, certificates and awards
    • Pre-sales collateral, e.g. battle cards, value proposals, canned pitch decks
  • Financials
    • Access to project-specific discounts and business development funds
    • Access to sales incentives and promotional programs
    • Possible eligibility for additional PR activities
  • Marketing support
    • Co-brandable asset library including graphics, imagery, canned decks and more
    • Campaign kits for campaign planning, Adtran landing pages and more
    • Opportunities for additional PR activities and co-marketing campaigns

Access to certifications and awards

Whether you’re looking to impress your customers, gain trust or deliver even more value, our program offers various qualifications to give you that extra boost. With specially designed training courses, live training events and structured certification paths, there are many options from which to choose. Our approach is centered on tailored learning paths, spanning from the technical to the sales-oriented, to ensure your teams get the information they need.

We’re also always looking for ways to promote the achievements of our partners. We feature partners in our partner spotlight, which is dedicated to showcasing diverse success stories, and we’ll soon be able to celebrate excellence in our new awards section.

All these initiatives can serve as markers of trust and legitimacy with both your existing customer base and prospects. The potential results of leveraging these perks are broad, as they can help you win new business, elongate the relationships you have with customers and create a newfound footing within the industry. 

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