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Mosaic One Care, Operate, and Promote Bundle

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With Mosaic One, providers can aggregate applications to one screen that delivers actionable intelligence.
Item Number 47601000F1
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Mosaic One is a single-sign-on experience that aggregates information from management and orchestration systems, as well as access and in-home devices to deliver three portals: Care, Operate, and Promote. One login to Mosaic One equips support teams, operators, network engineers, and marketers to quickly resolve customer issues, proactively identify alarms, and assess customer behavior for revenue opportunities. With Mosaic One, AI-driven SaaS provides big view insights delivered with actionable intelligence that elevate your brand.

  • Support Teams Can Resolve Subscriber Issues Quickly, Reducing Truck Rolls by Over 50%
  • Operators Can Proactively Monitor and Resolve Access Network Issues
  • Marketers Can Deliver Poignant Campaigns Based on User Behavior, Reducing Churn by 25% and Increasing Monthly ARPU by 20%
  • Reduce Truck Rolls by 50% Also Reduces Provider’s Carbon Footprint
Mosaic One (939.40 kB)

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