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Mosaic One Care

A unified view for faster resolutions

To bolster customer loyalty, every broadband service needs to be supported by a strong and efficient customer support department. Mosaic One enables customer service teams to prioritize user experience at an unprecedented level. A simple search returns a subscriber’s whole experience by aggregating information from multiple applications and presenting actionable intelligence to resolve customer issues on the first call, improving satisfaction without increasing opex. 

Know your customers

Understand customer experience with at-a-glance indicators, light-level readouts and throughput utilization.

Proactive troubleshooting

Troubleshoot a subscriber’s connection by accessing information from the entire broadband access and in-home network with a simple search.

Quick visualization

Quickly visualize current and recent device alarms for subscribers from the access and aggregation platforms, Wi-Fi gateways and any other in-home devices. 

AI-driven insights

Utilize actionable intelligence with AI-driven insights to identify issues and recommend resolutions – without escalation or truck rolls.

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