Telco Broadband Solutions

Building Gigabit Societies.

Today’s global economy demands connectivity from everyone and every business. Adtran understands the pressure service providers face to deliver a high-speed, reliable internet connection to each customer. Equip your network to meet customer demands with AI-driven, adaptive Wi-Fi powered by Adtran’s end-to-end fiber broadband solutions backed by over three decades of engineering.

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How Can Adtran Help?

Unlock the Future Network

Scale multi-gigabit services in urban and rural areas with end-to-end, intelligent 10G fiber broadband solutions

 Unlock service innovation using SD-Access architectures, open APIs, and AI-driven closed-loop automation

Monetize the smart home with mesh Wi-Fi 6, service delivery platforms and AI-driven network insight, and gain loyal customers 

With a Purpose-Built, End-to-End, Full Fiber Solution 

Intelligent SaaS Applications for Marketing, Operations, and Customer Success.

New revenue. Faster resolution of customer issues. Reduced truck rolls.

Learn Why Telcos Choose Adtran

Learn about how TEC brings a full-fiber network across the Southeastern United States

Over the last 100 years, TEC has grown its network from a traditional telephone company to a fiber company to bring high-speed broadband to its customers. From DSL to GPON to 10G Combo PON, expansion possibilities are endless, and TEC sees the ability to future-proof its network as customer demands continue to grow.

Find out why Openreach selected Adtran to build an open, disaggregated, full-fibre access network to reach 20 million homes

Openreach Limited maintains the telephone cables, ducts, cabinets and exchanges that connect nearly all homes and businesses in the United Kingdom to the national broadband and telephone network.

Deutsche Telekom Selects Adtran for Access 4.0 OLT Network

Deutsche Telekom and Adtran have aligned joint developments for the Access 4.0 project based on principles defined by the Open Networking Foundation’s SDN-Enabled Broadband Access (SEBA) reference architecture.


Sonic Booms Broadband in Oakland with Adtran 10G Combo PON Technology

Sonic leverages Adtran Combo PON technology to increase market share and expand fiber network in San Francisco Bay Area.


South Valley Internet Expands Adtran Partnership to “Gigafy” its Communities

Adtran’s solutions enable South Valley Internet (SVI) to remain a competitive communications provider and meet demanding subscribers’ expectations for reliable, high-speed broadband service.


Featured Resources

SD-Access Brochure

Adtran's market-leading, sustainable fibre access platform simplifies multi-gigabit service delivery regardless of density, topology, or application needs. The way it should be.


Building a Network with Adtran - From Headend to Customer Premises

Principles and guidelines to building an end-to-end full-fiber network - from headend to customer premises.


Telcos' tipping point: 10G Fiber and Software-Defined Access

Service provider strategies, plans, and business drivers for deploying 10 Gbps capable FTTH in conjunction with their open, cloud-based infrastructure shift.