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White paper

Building a network with ADTRAN

Every once in a while, a strategic alliance emerges that has a significant impact on the telecommunications industry. Adtran and Juniper’s collaboration means Adtran is able to offer products and services that deliver new benchmarks for scalability, efficiency, security and cost-effectiveness. As a certified partner of Juniper Networks in the UK and Ireland, Adtran covers the full range of network deployment scenarios, helping service providers to accommodate the growing demand for data in those territories while accelerating the broader shift to open, multi-vendor network architectures. 

Our white paper details the dynamics of the Adtran/Juniper partnership and explains how it benefits UK and Ireland-based service providers. It explores Juniper’s prowess in network gateway and aggregation at the core and how this combines with Adtran’s innovative broadband access portfolio to provide a complete end-to-end solution for wired and wireless networks. It also describes how Adtran’s innovative hardware and software solutions are helping accelerate the shift to more cost-efficient and scalable open and disaggregated networks.

Now, download our white paper to understand how Adtran’s end-to-end fiber networking technology and services encourage efficient, adaptable and cost-effective network architectures. Discover how Adtran is Juniper’s trusted partner in the UK and Ireland, helping service providers to build, plan and extend networks with a full spectrum of turnkey services. And learn about how Adtran’s interoperable technology integrates seamlessly with Juniper’s innovation to enable service providers to scale networks with ease and confidence.