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FSP 150CC-XG210

A true 10G NID unleashed

Our FSP 150CC-XG210 is a high-capacity 10 Gigabit Carrier Ethernet demarcation and aggregation solution with all the advantages of our FSP 150 family. It supports our rich and complete set of OAM tools for provisioning differentiated services and extensive quality of service management. The comprehensive Syncjack™ implementation makes it ideal for delivering SLA-based synchronization services to your customer. All designed with simple network operation in mind it immediately impresses with its reliability, compactness and low power consumption.

High-speed CE 2.0 access and aggregation

Optimized for high-speed Carrier Ethernet 2.0 access and aggregation applications supporting up to 40Gbit/s full-duplex capacity.
... the ideal solution for all Carrier Ethernet applications in access and backhaul networks.

Timing excellence

Comprehensive Syncjack™ technology for timing distribution and delivery of SLA-based synchronization services

No matter what, no matter where

Business Ethernet services, wholesale Ethernet or mobile backhaul – our FSP 150CC-XG210 is the ideal solution for all Carrier Ethernet applications in access and backhaul networks. You can deploy it as a demarcation solution to hand over reliable and scalable high capacity access to your carrier and enterprise customers. Or use it as an ENNI and aggregation solution further back in your network. Seamless interworking with our lower speed FSP 150CC demarcation solutions is guaranteed. And it comes with a temperature-hardened design to offer you maximum deployment flexibility - both indoor and outdoor.

ADVA ConnectGuard security

Transforming traditional leased lines into secure and encrypted connectivity.

Adapts to your needs

Different applications demand different capabilities. Our FSP 150CC-XG210 can flexibly adapt to all your applications; whether your service is designed for highest availability or lowest cost. Your fiber infrastructure is laid out in rings or hub-and-spoke - no problem. Our 10 Gigabit demarcation and aggregation solution can be configured and deployed according to your needs with its modular design, its variety of service protection capabilities and its hardware redundancy options. A single high-speed Carrier Ethernet demarcation and aggregation solution for all your applications.

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