Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6

Enabling Transformational Wi-Fi Experiences

What is Wi-Fi 6?

Wi-Fi 6 is the sixth generation unlicensed, high-bandwidth wireless LAN technology. Unlocks scale, bandwidth, coverage, low latency, and efficiency delivering multi-gigabit throughput and enhanced multi-user experiences.

What are the Benefits of Wi-Fi 6?

More Devices, More Bandwidth

Wi-Fi 6 supports 8x more simultaneous connections, 100s of IoT devices and delivers 40% higher peak data rates enabling lag-free 4K streaming, gaming, and video conferencing.

Greater Efficiency, Rock Solid Coverage

With enhanced features like OFDMA, QoE and 1024 QAM, Wi-Fi 6 delivers the right bandwidth to the right device ensuring highest performance and reliable coverage to all corners of the property.

Powerful and Sustainable

Engineered with sustainability in mind, Wi-Fi 6 utilizes Target Wake Time (TWT) to cut power consumption up to 67% and improve battery life of mobile and IoT devices. Wi-Fi 6 is also backwards compatible with earlier generations of Wi-Fi.

Next-Level User Experiences

Next-generation wireless technologies combined with cloud-managed Wi-Fi allows you to deliver transformational broadband experiences for residential and business subscribers.

Why Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi 6?

  • Deliver consistently great Wi-Fi Experiences
  • Empower CSRs with deep insight
  • Simplify technology updates and upgrades
  • Transform experience with automation and AI

Why Adtran?

Adtran offers the industry's most innovative, AI-driven Connected Home Solutions portfolio enabling operators to offer a consistent multi-user, multi-gigabit experience across the home and property - redefining what it means to be truly wireless.

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