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MicroMux™ Series

Small device, big opportunities

In the face of ever-increasing traffic growth, today’s network operators must deploy equipment supporting higher data rates. But this next-generation equipment offers little or no support for lower-speed services. Service providers and network operators are struggling to balance current needs with future demand. Our MicroMux™ Series of active pluggables with small form factors, such as QSFP28 or QSFP-DD, solves the problem with minimal cost and footprint. Customers can now easily convert a 10GbE or 100GbE client port into ten 1GbE or 10GbE ports, or a 400GbE port into four 100GbE ports. Moreover, with a bi-directional variant featuring four independent and bidirectional 10GbE optical interfaces and a QSFP+ form factor, our MicroMux™ Series also tackles the problem of 10GbE applications with fiber and latency constraints.

MicroMux™ Nano

Soaring data demand and competitive pressures are driving network operators to deploy access network technology that delivers services at 10Gbit/s and beyond ...
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In the face of ever-increasing traffic growth, today’s network operators are having to upgrade optical transport network infrastructure to support data rates of 100Gbit/s and beyond ...
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MicroMux™ Quattro

In answer to the continuing surge in bandwidth demand, network operators have introduced 400Gbit/s Ethernet-based connectivity in their core networks ...
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MicroMux™ Edge BiDi

The demand for residential broadband services and higher speed business services is growing. This is driving evolution of access networks to support higher capacities ...
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