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Coherent 400ZR Series

400G coherent DWDM in a QSFP-DD pluggable

Incorporating the latest silicon photonics and DSP technology innovation, our family of 400ZR and ZR+ coherent pluggable transceivers provides cost-efficient 400Gbit/s wavelength coherent transmission. Featuring a highly compact QSFP-DD form factor, our 400ZR and ZR+ optics can be plugged directly into end-application devices, such as optical terminals, switches, routers or OLTs, via standardized QSFP-DD ports. This facilitates cost-efficient 400Gbit/s DWDM transport solutions with minimal footprint and power consumption. Key applications of these pluggable optics include 400Gbit/s Ethernet (400GbE) data center interconnects and 100-to-400GbE connectivity over metro and regional carrier and service provider networks.

High density meets pay-as-you-grow flexibility

Our 400ZR/ZR+ coherent pluggable optics deliver cost-efficient 400Gbit/s DWDM transmission, enabling scalable, pay-as-you-grow deployment strategies.
We offer a family of 400ZR and ZR+ coherent pluggable transceivers, including standards-compliant OIF 400ZR and OpenZR+ variants, and ZR+ variants with enhanced performance.

Universal compatibility with Adtran or third-party host devices

Our 400ZR/ZR+ coherent optics can be plugged into any host device with standardized QSFP-DD ports.

Diverse uses for 400ZR and ZR+ coherent transceivers

We offer a family of 400ZR and ZR+ coherent pluggable transceivers, including standards-compliant OIF 400ZR and OpenZR+ variants, and ZR+ variants with enhanced performance. The OIF 400ZR coherent pluggable variant is engineered for 400GbE client services over point-to-point DWDM links up to 120km. Supporting services ranging from 100GbE to 400GbE and featuring superior optical performance, the 400ZR+ variants can address a wider range of applications in metro and regional networks. The exact reach depends on the line rate and modulation format used as well as the open line system (OLS) configuration. OIF and OpenZR+ compliant variants are interoperable with other third-party transceivers that meet OIF and OpenZR+ standards, ensuring seamless integration within diverse network ecosystems.

Coherent innovation

With state-of-the-art technology, our 400G ZR optics enable 400Gbit/s DWDM transport in a QSFP-DD form factor.

Harnessing the power of OLS with 400ZR/ZR+

Our 400ZR/ZR+ optics are equipped with a DWDM-compliant and fully C-Band tunable optical interface and can be used with any optical line system (OLS) with flexible channel spacing tailored to the data rate mode. When paired with our FSP 3000 OLS configurations, such as the FSP 3000 Edge OLS, these optics achieve peak performance. Leveraging Adtran’s 400ZR pluggable transceivers alongside the FSP 3000 OLS enables the precise tuning of optical parameters to optimize the performance of ZR pluggable transceivers for any given OLS setup, ensuring the highest levels of efficiency across the entire optical network.

400ZR 400G ZR+ 400G ZRE
Standard compliance OIF 400ZR OpenZR+ MSA
Application areas DCI DCI/metro/long-haul
Metro/long-haul rate 425Gb/s 425Gb/s 425Gb/s
Temperature range -5 to 70°C -5 to 70°C -5 to 70°C
Traffic protocol 400GbE 100-400GbE 100-400GbE
Transmitter frequency range Tunable DWDM in C-Band Tunable DWDM in C-Band Tunable DWDM in C-Band
Transmitter power -6dBm -6dBm
Modulation format 16QAM
Power supply 3.3V 3.3V 3.3V
Connector LC/PC LC/PC LC/PC

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