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Coherent ZR Series

DWDM coherent transport solutions with minimal cost and footprint

Our family of ZR and ZR+ pluggable transceivers provides cost-efficient coherent transmission up to 400Gbit/s line speeds. Incorporating the latest silicon photonics and DSP technology, our coherent pluggable optics feature highly compact QSFP28 (100G ZR/ZR+) and QSFP-DD form factors (400G ZR/ZR+) and can be plugged directly into Adtran or third-party end-application devices. Our series of coherent ZR optics comprises a wide range of interfaces, including standardized 100ZR+, OIF 400ZR, OpenZR+ and OpenROADM, and ZR+ variants with enhanced capabilities. They are equipped with a fully C-Band tunable optical interface and can be used with any optical line system with flexible channel spacing tailored to the data rate mode. What’s more, our coherent 100ZR QSFP28 is also available in an I-temp variant suitable for outdoor deployments, such as street cabinets.

Coherent 100ZR Series

The pressing need to increase the transport capacity of access and edge aggregation networks is pushing the adoption of higher speeds at the optical edge ...
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Coherent 400ZR Series

Incorporating the latest silicon photonics and DSP technology innovation, our family of 400ZR and ZR+ coherent pluggable transceivers provides cost-efficient 400Gbit/s ...
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