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Hyperscale DCI

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The phenomenal growth in internet traffic and the fierce migration to cloud-based services are creating an urgent need for more capacity and speed. Today's carriers, cloud providers and internet content providers need to rapidly scale their networks while retaining simplicity and meeting evolving density and power requirements. We offer a range of options to address these challenges with a variety of client interfaces and services, including Ethernet, OTN, SDH, as well as the latest Fibre Channel technology for SAN networks. They deliver ultra-flexible network interfaces and software-defined line rate adjustment, making them ideal for any scenario from greenfield to brownfield applications, and from metro to submarine distances.

Software-defined optics

Our high-speed terminals ensure the maximum bandwidth for the required capacity and transmission distances.
With their open architecture and management interfaces, our high-speed terminals can be seamlessly integrated into any data center, carrier and SDN environment.

More bandwidth, no hassles

Simply plug our TeraFlex™ terminal into your existing transmission system and you have all the extra bandwidth capacity you need. No hidden costs and no hidden complexities.

Breaking boundaries

Our terminal technology expands the horizons of what’s possible. Our TeraFlex™ technology leads the way in design density. At 7.2Tbit/s total capacity per 1RU, this ultra-compact solution saves significant real estate. It also provides capacity of up to 1.2Tbit/s per channel and offers unprecedented reach, giving a major boost to long-haul and subsea cable networks. What’s more, with its pioneering ultra-flexible modulation, our FSP 3000 TeraFlex™ is the ideal technology to squeeze more value from existing networks without major investment. Using fractional QAM capabilities, our TeraFlex™ is able to maximize bandwidth for any infrastructure, enabling a massive capacity increase in a simple and cost-effective way without a system overhaul.

Best-in-class ecodesign

With industry-leading power efficiency, our FSP 3000 terminal technology minimizes opex and boosts sustainable growth.

Most flexible operational adaption

Due to its open architecture, our high-speed terminals can be seamlessly integrated into any data center, carrier and SDN environment. They support all modern APIs and data models and interoperate with any third-party optical line system. With their automated line rate adjustment, our FSP 3000 high-speed terminals also deliver ultimate data throughput. Zero-touch provisioning helps to ensure deployment simplicity. We can also guarantee security and integrity for data in motion with our ConnectGuard™ Optical technology. This provides robust, low-latency encryption and eliminates the need for standalone security equipment.

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