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Transponders and muxponders

Ideal for any application

Our FSP 3000 offers a wide variety of channel cards that can transport a range of service types and speeds up to 425Gbit/s. All relevant protocols such as Ethernet, SDH/SONET, OTN, Fibre Channel, and video and audio are supported, including the latest additions. With multi-service and multi-functional cards that can operate in transponder and muxponder modes, as well as multiple protection options, our FSP 3000 enables highly flexible and reliable transport solutions ready to scale. Channel modules can be deployed in multiple chassis sizes, including ETSI 300mm and 600mm depth options. All cards have front plane connectivity and are hot-swappable and customer-installable for scalable, in-service expansion at any time.

Engineered for specific applications

Our FSP 3000 offers card variants optimized for the particular needs of demanding applications such as long-haul terascale connectivity or highly secure, low-latency data center interconnect (DCI) solutions for storage area networks (SANs). For the highest levels of protection for data in motion, our FSP 3000 is available with comprehensive ConnectGuard™ Layer 1 encryption. With BSI and FIPS 140-2 certified variants, this robust security technology is built in to FSP 3000 channel cards, so there’s no need for additional stand-alone equipment or software.

Muxponder benefits

Transponders with multiplexing capability – aka muxponders – groom multiple client signals into a single wavelength, maximizing fiber capacity and minimizing cost per bit. Among other benefits, they can leverage high-speed coherent technology in networks with a majority of low-speed services where there is a significant gap between service speed and wavelength speed. Besides reducing the number of wavelengths consumed, our FSP 3000 muxponders also reduce footprint and operational complexity.

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