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Commnet Broadband transforms in-home connectivity across rural American Southwest with Adtran Intellifi®

News summary:

  • Colorado-based service provider is deploying Mosaic One with Intellifi® cloud-managed SaaS to deliver high-quality Wi-Fi to underserved communities
  • Adtran’s next-gen connected home technology enables smarter network management and boosts subscriber satisfaction
  • AI-driven broadband access solution supports remote activation and troubleshooting, reducing costs and driving digital inclusion

Adtran today announced that Commnet Broadband is leveraging Intellifi® as part of its Mosaic One software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution to enhance in-home connectivity as the service provider scales across the American Southwest. The cloud-managed Wi-Fi solution will enable Commnet Broadband to deliver a seamless, always-on mesh Wi-Fi experience, boosting subscriber satisfaction while driving new efficiencies. With a strong commitment to digital inclusion, Commnet Broadband is extending its reach into more underserved rural communities, connecting them with reliable and high-quality internet services. Deploying Mosaic One for remote service activation and troubleshooting, along with Intellifi® for AI-driven insights and complete control over the home Wi-Fi environment, enables the company to efficiently manage its expansive and diverse network infrastructure.

“At Commnet Broadband, our mission is to empower underserved regions of America through reliable and personalized internet access. With Adtran’s Intellifi® solution, we’re taking our service delivery capabilities to the next level, ensuring uninterrupted and hassle-free Wi-Fi for both fiber and fixed wireless customers across our footprint,” said Scott Horne, CEO of Commnet Broadband. “One key advantage of our new system is the enhanced visibility it offers into customer premises, reducing the need for tier 1 tech support and minimizing truck rolls. Features like network-wide speed tests will enable us to analyze detailed heat maps, revealing our network’s strengths and pinpointing areas for improvement. This clear understanding of latency and speed capabilities will help us uplift the most isolated communities, ensuring we make a real and impactful difference.”

With Adtran’s Intellifi® solution, we’re taking our service delivery capabilities to the next level, ensuring uninterrupted and hassle-free Wi-Fi for both fiber and fixed wireless customers
Scott Horne, CEO of Commnet Broadband

Adtran’s Intellifi®, part of the Mosaic One suite, provides a robust, cloud-hosted portal that transforms home Wi-Fi management for Commnet Broadband’s subscribers. It enhances customer support with features like Intellifi® MeshView, an operator portal that facilitates automated issue detection and remote resolution. The Intellifi® mobile app supports subscriber self-installs and offers comprehensive network control, including parental settings and device management. Mosaic One equips network engineers with predictive tools that monitor network access and identify at-risk connections. This proactive approach not only helps preemptively address issues, thereby reducing the need for on-site repairs, but it also enhances network reliability and subscriber uptime. Adtran’s Wi-Fi 6 service delivery gateways (SDGs) and mesh satellites also help ensure an exceptional Wi-Fi experience for subscribers.

“We’re excited to support Commnet Broadband as they expand their reach into more digitally excluded areas and elevate their services for all subscribers. With our Mosaic One and Intellifi® solutions, they can harness the full potential of managed Wi-Fi. That means delivering true Gigabit and multigigabit speeds and a superior level of service,” commented John Scherzinger, GM of Americas sales at Adtran. “The comprehensive telemetry, insights and user experience data that Intellifi® provides will empower Commnet Broadband to tailor services more precisely to each customer’s needs. Our virtual field technician feature can also cut operational costs, generating substantial savings per truck roll. Moreover, our technology creates new revenue opportunities, enabling Commnet Broadband to offer differentiated services that cater to the specific needs of communities, businesses and families.”


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