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Adtran unlocks full potential of ZR and ZR+ optics with FSP 3000 M-Flex800™

News summary:

  • IP-over-DWDM offers cost benefits but comes with disadvantages, including lack of demarcation and complex management
    New FSP 3000 M-Flex800™ leverages ZR and ZR+ pluggable optics and simpler client multiplexing for a cost-efficient IP-to-DWDM approach
    New addition to Adtran’s coherent optical portfolio offers a gateway to 800Gbit/s with unprecedented efficiency and flexibility

Adtran today launched its FSP 3000 M-Flex800™, enabling network operators to unlock the full potential of ZR and ZR+ optics for high-capacity transport solutions across edge, metro and core networks. This single-slot card – the newest addition to Adtran’s coherent optical technology suite – offers a universal host for ZR and ZR+ optics and addresses many of the shortfalls of IP-over-DWDM (IPoWDM) solutions. Compared to classical OTN muxponder solutions, M-Flex800™ supports much simpler demarcation and multiplexing technology. Combined with the use of a wide range of ZR optics, this enables a new way to develop compact and low-power transport solutions from the edge to the core. This new IP-to-DWDM approach enables flexible, cost-efficient networking with separated IP and optical layers.

“Initially developed for DCI, ZR optics are now expanding their reach into diverse operational environments. Today’s launch will be key in that transition. Our new FSP 3000 M-Flex800™ will be a gateway between classical DWDM and the latest IPoDWDM, bringing the benefits of standardized ZR optics to a broad spectrum of operators,” said Christoph Glingener, CTO of Adtran. “Our versatile one-slot card acts as a universal host for ZR, ZR+ and OpenROADM coherent interfaces, seamlessly integrating into any open line system and enabling multiple use cases. Whether you’re looking to deploy in carrier infrastructure or DCI environments, in central offices or street cabinets, our M-Flex800™ can be easily slotted into any FSP 3000 chassis.”

Today’s launch marks a big step towards more efficient, versatile and cost-effective infrastructure.
Ryan Schmidt, GM of optical transport at Adtran

The Adtran FSP 3000 M-Flex800™ is a versatile, multi-rate line card able to support an extensive range of grey and coherent interfaces, including 100Gbit/s, 400Gbit/s, 800Gbit/s, ZR, ZR+, OpenROADM and other types of coherent optics. Designed to meet the high-capacity connectivity needs of telecom operators, cloud providers and enterprises, it facilitates a range of applications from the edge to the core. This universal host simplifies upgrades to 800Gbit/s line speeds and Ethernet services and can multiplex 100GbE, 400GbE and OTU4 services into line speeds up to 800Gbit/s. Suited for tasks such as IP and optical demarcation, ZR-to-ZR interconnects and edge OTN applications, the Adtran FSP 3000 M-Flex800™ offers a cost-effective and low-power solution in a single-slot card.


“With its exceptional flexibility, operational simplicity and compact footprint, our FSP 3000 M-Flex800™ caters to diverse environments, from data centers to space-restricted street cabinets. Its ability to reduce power consumption while supporting high-capacity, open and scalable transport is a testament to our commitment to driving the next generation of transport infrastructure,” commented Ryan Schmidt, GM of optical transport at Adtran. “We’re addressing the core needs of network operators across a broad spectrum of applications, even beyond the traditional transponder/muxponder use cases. Today’s launch marks a big step towards more efficient, versatile and cost-effective infrastructure.”


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