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Addressing demand for optical bandwidth

The relentless surge in data traffic is pushing operators to introduce higher line speeds, increasing the transport capacity of their optical networks. In recent years, IP over DWDM (IPoDWDM) solutions, which feature direct integration of ZR/ZR+ coherent pluggable optics into end-application devices, such as routers and switches, have made inroads into simple point-to-point applications such as data center interconnects. Now carriers are looking for ways to adopt that architecture in their infrastructure and take advantage of the apparent lower cost, power and footprint. Yet, IPoDWDM comes with certain challenges, including management complexities and the absence of IP/optical demarcation. That’s why we created our FSP 3000 M-Flex800™, an innovative optical terminal that leverages ZR and ZR+ coherent pluggable optics alongside a streamlined client aggregation method. This new IP-to-DWDM approach offers a cost-efficient gateway between classical transponder-based DWDM and the latest IPoDWDM solutions. Supporting a wide array of ZR and ZR+ optics ranging from 100Gbit/s to 800Gbit/s, the M-Flex800™ facilitates seamless line speed upgrades to 800Gbit/s, eliminating the need for switching or routing hardware replacements.

Fastest route to 800Gbit/s

The FSP 3000 M-Flex800™ decouples IP from optical layer upgrades, significantly extending the lifetime of routers and switches.
M-Flex800™ leverages ZR/ZR+ pluggable optics and streamlined client aggregation for cost-efficient IP-to-DWDM approach.

Supports coherent ZR/ZR+ optics

M-Flex800™ can host multiple 100Gbit/s, 400Gbit/s and 800Gbit/s coherent interfaces, such as 100ZR/ZR+, 400ZR, OpenZR+, OpenROADM and 800ZR/ZR+.

Convergence of IP and DWDM technologies

The FSP 3000 M-Flex800™ introduces a novel approach that bridges the gap between traditional DWDM and the latest IPoDWDM technologies. By embracing a wide range of 100Gbit/s, 400Gbit/s and 800Gbit/s ZR/ZR+ coherent optics alongside a simple client service aggregation method, it facilitates advanced optical transport solutions. These combine the advantages of traditional transponder-based DWDM, such as IP/optical demarcation and multi-rate service multiplexing, with reduced costs and energy consumption. What’s more, M-Flex800™ stands out for its flexibility and versatility. It accommodates a range of client services from 100GbE to 800GbE and OTU4, and supports line speeds from 100Gbit/s to 800Gbit/s. Its versatility also extends to multiple operating modes, such as triple 100G transponder, dual 400Gbit/s transponder or muxponder, single 800Gbit/s transponder or muxponder, or as a gateway for ZR-to-ZR interconnects.

Gateway to new opportunities

With a purpose-built design and numerous coherent ZR optics, M-Flex800™ minimizes cost per bit without giving up significant capabilities.

Optimal carrier infrastructure and DCI

Part of the FSP 3000 open optical transport solution, our M-Flex800™ uses a single-slot card that can be slotted into multiple chassis variants, from 1RU to 12RU and with depths of 300mm or 600mm. This enables easy integration into both new and existing network deployments. With a hardened 1RU, 300mm, ETSI-compliant chassis, the M-Flex800™ can also be installed in outdoor street cabinets, extending its utility beyond the central office. With its compact design, flexible deployment options, a wide range of ZR optics and multiple operating modes, the FSP 3000 M-Flex800™ facilitates a broad range of applications, including data center interconnects and carriers’ optical network infrastructure all the way from the edge to the core.

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