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ADVA adds time-sensitive networking to 100G edge solution

News summary:

  • 5G fronthaul, broadcast distribution, industrial automation and other mission-critical applications have stringent latency requirements
  • ADVA FSP 150-XG418 minimizes latency and reduces jitter for the most time-sensitive applications
  • Market-leading family of 100G demarcation and aggregation devices now offers express forwarding functionality for simple cost-efficient 5G rollouts

ADVA (FSE: ADV) today introduced time-sensitive networking (TSN) capabilities to its FSP 150-XG418 high-speed packet edge device. The upgraded solution actively uses technologies that minimize latency and reduce jitter. This is key for supporting time-sensitive applications that demand fast, reliable and secure connectivity. With its new capabilities, the FSP 150-XG418 will simplify the rollout of 5G services at scale and enable use cases including mobile fronthaul, industrial automation and video/audio bridging.

“Low latency is crucial for many emerging use cases from industrial IoT to metaverse applications to AI-powered autonomous driving systems. Our FSP 150-XG418 enables operators to achieve ultra-low values even in highly congested operations at the network edge. Its TSN forwarding features ensure extremely low latency end-to-end, supporting eCPRI connectivity and delivering the performance needed for 5G fronthaul,” said Mike Heffner, GM of Edge Cloud, ADVA. “What’s more, our FSP 150-XG418 offers a major efficiency boost. Now that operators can use the same device for eCPRI and fronthaul traffic, that’s one fewer box in the system.”

Our FSP 150-XG418 enables operators to achieve ultra-low values even in highly congested operations at the network edge. 
Mike Heffner, GM of Edge Cloud, ADVA

The ADVA FSP 150-XG418 is a MEF 3.0-certified multi-layer 100Gbit/s demarcation device that now features express forwarding for ultra-low latency transport. The compact and temperature-hardened 100Gbit/s solution empowers network operators to mix both fronthaul and backhaul traffic and removes the need for a dedicated gateway for the transport of Ethernet CPRI or eCPRI services. Supported by ADVA’s Ensemble network management system, the FSP 150-XG418 also incorporates high-performance timing capabilities, such as SyncE and G.8275.1 PTP Telecom Profile, and its standards-compliant implementation assures interoperability for ease of integration with multi-vendor networks.


“Legacy packet switching technology can no longer meet latency requirements. The next generation of sophisticated forwarding architectures will be built on our 100Gbit/s edge devices for Ethernet and IP business services,” commented Eli Angel, VP of product line management at ADVA. “Our team has been driving the development of TSN technologies for several years. As part of the EU-funded Horizon 2020 project 5G-PICTURE, ADVA showcased an innovative TSN network for smart city use cases. Now we’re bringing those capabilities to our customers and opening the door to a new world of ultra-low latency applications.”


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