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Adtran unveils turnkey end-to-end next-gen gigabit access portfolio

Complete suite of Gigabit-ready broadband access, connected home and management solutions transform communities around the world

Adtran®, Inc., (NASDAQ: ADTN), the leading provider of next-generation multi-gigabit fiber access and fiber extension solutions, today announced a turnkey portfolio of broadband access, connected home and cloud-based management solutions that enable service providers to easily deploy and manage their customers’ gigabit experience end to end. This portfolio includes Adtran’s innovative fiber access and fiber extension solutions, highlighted by Combo PON technology that delivers both the value of GPON and the capacity of 10G XGS-PON simultaneously across the optical access fiber. Also included are Adtran’s newly announced Wi-Fi 6-enabled residential gateways with integrated mesh Wi-Fi that extend the gigabit experience throughout the home, all controllable through a smartphone app. All network elements are managed via Mosaic One, Adtran’s cloud-based network and service optimization platform that works across a range of technologies and vendors to optimize subscriber services. Adtran designed this suite of solutions to work in concert to give service providers a single platform to easily manage the complete gigabit experience from end to end while still enabling an open, multi-vendor environment. These best-in-breed solutions will allow service providers to invest their scarce resources in connecting their communities, build their brand and monetize their fiber networks, rather than expending resources managing their networks and scrambling to cope with unforeseen subscriber demands.
Adtran’s gigabit-ready broadband access solutions support a range of service delivery options.
Craig Stein, VP, sales Americas, Adtran

Service providers around the world have been hit with nearly impossible broadband demands from the swift increase in employees, students and families that now require high-speed broadband to connect, entertain, work and learn from home. Adtran leverages its 35 years of broadband experience to understand the specific challenges of every type of service provider including global operators, regional service providers, municipalities, overbuilders and altnets. Adtran gives these service providers a competitive advantage in their respective markets with an extensive portfolio of broadband access technology, connected home solutions and a cloud management platform that work seamlessly together. In fact, just this year Adtran has won 82 new Mosaic customers.

“We are committed to helping our customers efficiently plan, engineer and build fiber and fixed wireless networks that can easily scale to meet today’s demands for connectivity. For many, that means helping deliver best-in-class networks at an accelerated pace in order to gain competitiveness and meet mandated timelines and requirements,” said Craig Stein, VP of sales Americas at Adtran. “Adtran’s enhanced portfolio of gigabit-ready broadband access solutions support a broad range of management applications and service delivery options. This makes it easier for service providers to deploy and manage the right network for their communities, region and business goals.

”For US service providers participating in the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) program, Adtran’s turnkey solution portfolio is the industry’s most comprehensive solution set meeting both USDA and RUS Buy American requirements. Adtran has development, design and manufacturing capability in the US, serving as a dependable technology partner with specialized RDOF technical assistance to support the growing bandwidth needs of today and tomorrow.


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