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NetVanta 4148P, PoE 200W

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Gigabit Router with 4 Gigabit routed interfaces, an 8-port PoE Ethernet Switch delivering 200 total Watts
Item Number 17004148F11
Key Features Enterprise Routers
The NetVanta 4148 is a fixed-port, high-performance Ethernet router supporting converged access and high-quality voice services. It provides four routed, autosensing Gigabit interfaces and an 8-port PoE Ethernet switch delivering 200 total Watts. This product is ideal for carrier bundled service offerings up to 1Gbps, and enterprise-class Internet access for secure, high-speed corporate connectivity. The NetVanta 4148 can be upgraded to support 1000 SBC calls.
  • Managed router with four Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and 8-port PoE switch
  • PoE option includes 200W PoE budget
  • Voice Quality Monitoring and Mean Opinion Score prediction
  • Utilizes standards-based routing protocols utilized by the widely deployed NetVanta Series
  • Compatible with industry-leading soft-switches and call agents
  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation affords more efficient utilization
  • Stateful inspection firewall for network security
  • Quality of Service for delay and jitter sensitive traffic like VoIP
  • Supports 802.1q Virtual LAN Trunking
  • Command Line Interface mimics industry de facto standard
  • Network Address Translation for IP address concealment
  • Feature-rich Adtran Operating System
  • Industry-leading, North American five-year warranty
  • Optional IPsec Virtual Private Network for secure tunnelling
  • Optional full-featured eSBC for robust network security and voice interoperability
NetVanta 4148 (472.12 kB)

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