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SDX 6210-4, Redundant Power Supply

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4-Port Sealed 10G-EPON OLT
Item Number 41971420F2
Key Features EPON, Remote OLTs
The SDX 6210-4 Sealed 10G-EPON OLT is an environmentally sealed, virtualized remote OLT that reduces time-to-market and subscriber connection costs by using EPON FTTH technology to effectively deliver multi-Gigabit and triple play services. The OLT supports up to 512 subscribers across four PON ports. The OLT offers four 10GE uplink interfaces with embedded redundancy options to ensure scalability to support next generation residential, business and mobile backhaul.
  • Scales Both Gigabit Broadband Services and SLA-Based Multi-Gigabit Business and Backhaul Services
  • Cuts Headend Space Congestion, Power Consumption, and Fiber Exhaust
  • Expedites OSS/IT Onboarding and Minimizes Impact to Existing DOCSIS Centric Technical Teams
  • Supports Strand-Mount, Pedestal, and Hand-Hole Deployments Aligning With DAA and Fiber Deep Strategies
SDX 6210-4 (699.21 kB)

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