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Adding a “G” to the three “Rs” - The necessity of gigabit broadband for education

Fast, reliable broadband is an essential component of 21st-century education. And as institutions from elementary schools to universities have pivoted to exploit its transformational potential, the role of connectivity in education has expanded far beyond the confines of the classroom. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, it thrust the issue of universal internet access center stage. It became clear that broadband was a critical resource for students, educators and parents alike. What’s more, the events surrounding the pandemic exposed a digital divide that meant millions lacked sufficient access to high-quality connectivity outside of their school or university campus.

As social-distancing restrictions took hold, many students became reliant on libraries and other public access points to enable their studies. But the ability of these facilities to provide reliable, round-the-clock internet access was severely limited. The pandemic had become a catalyst for schools and colleges to confront entrenched inequalities in broadband access. This was occurring at the same time as educators were themselves adapting to learn (and teach) from home models. Considerable gaps in students’ ability to access basic resources were more visible than ever, and all across the world, educators were now the ones tasked with addressing the problem.

Now, download our white paper to discover how schools and higher education institutions responded to the monumental challenge of providing broadband access to their communities during a global pandemic. Discover how Adtran technology was crucial to enabling educational institutions to meet unprecedented connectivity challenges head-on. And from urban centers to rural landscapes, read stories of the scramble for solutions, resourceful uses of technology and a relentless drive to ensure educational continuity for those most disadvantaged by a highly disruptive once-in-a-generation event.