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AccessWave™ Series

Easily scale the capacity of access networks

Consumers, businesses and 5G traffic demands keep increasing, forcing operators to upgrade the transport capacity of their access networks. They need a way to unlock more bandwidth at the edge without major cost, additional footprint or significant disruption to services. Our AccessWave™ family of pluggable devices with a standard small form-factor and G.metro self-tuning technology is the answer. Host-agnostic and I-temp hardened, our AccessWave™ transceivers can be plugged straight into any device with standard SFP ports, such as radio units or routers. With variants supporting line rates from 1Gbit/s up to 25Gbit/s and different link distances, our AccessWave™ pluggable devices provide a smooth and cost-efficient upgrade to 10Gbit/s and beyond.

Patent-pending distance optimization

Our AccessWave25™ enables any device with an SFP28 port to transmit a 25Gbit/s DWDM signal over links stretching up to 40km.
Our AccessWave™ pluggable devices provide a smooth and cost-efficient upgrade to 10Gbit/s and beyond.

Instant scale

Our AccessWave25™ answers the urgent need for higher bandwidth services in mobile X-Haul, cable access and wholesale networks.

Cost-efficient upgrade to 25G Ethernet and eCPRI

Our AccessWave25™ minimizes the cost and complexity of network upgrades and expedites the introduction of 25Gbit/s Ethernet and eCPRI services in access networks. The combination of C-band operation and 25Gbit/s bandwidth typically limits the maximum reach of 25Gbit/s SFPs to just a few kilometers. However, with our patent-pending distance-optimization innovation, customers can deploy 25Gbit/s DWDM links with up to 40km reach, and without changing their existing 10Gbit/s-based optical network infrastructure.

Environmentally hardened and easy to deploy

With a hardened design, our AccessWave™ pluggable transceivers meet a broad range of deployment options, including outdoor deployments, such as radio units.

G.metro automatic wavelength tuning

With a tunable interface and G.metro automatic wavelength tuning technology, AccessWave™ transceivers eliminate the need for manual configuration and minimize inventory. Furthermore, the G.metro out-of-band communication channel provides full visibility of the status of remote plugs as well as inventory information. Either with a third-party OLS or with our turnkey FSP 3000 solution for passive optical access networks, our AccessWave™ Series of pluggable transceivers is the perfect solution to increase the capacity of optical access networks.

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