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Data center connectivity is a key asset

Data center connectivity is the foundation of digitalization. Critical businesses, government activities and our daily lives all rely on data centers and so the network infrastructure interconnecting them and enabling access to storage data is a critical asset. Enterprises and organizations need data center interconnect (DCI) infrastructure that can accommodate ever-increasing data traffic. Moreover, with the growing number of cyberattacks, they also need a solution that protects data in motion between data centers against man-in-the-middle attacks. Our FSP 3000 S-Flex™ DWDM muxponder is specifically engineered to address these demands. With 400Gbit/s capacity, the support of a broad range of DCI protocols, and built-in quantum-safe encryption, it enables high-speed, scalable DCI networks that are highly reliable and secure even against quantum-computer attacks.

Market’s first 64G Fibre Channel over DWDM

As the first solution of its kind capable of natively transmitting 64G Fibre Channel services over DWDM networks, our FSP 3000 S-Flex™ sets a new industry standard.
With over 20 years of experience and leadership in SAN DCI, our FSP 3000 is the ideal solution to deploy highly reliable and secure SAN data center connectivity solutions.

Quantum-safe optical encryption

With ConnectGuard™ encryption provided by Adva Network Security, our FSP 3000 S-Flex™ protects your mission-critical data in motion even against quantum-computer attacks.

Highly reliable and secure SAN DCI

With mission-critical workloads, enterprises must have a solid disaster recovery plan with synchronous data mirroring between geographically dispersed data centers. This ensures quick recovery, minimizing data loss and damage in the event of a disaster. SAN DCI networks play a key role in data backup and disaster recovery plans. With over 20 years of experience and leadership in SAN DCI, our FSP 3000 is the ideal solution to deploy highly reliable and secure SAN data center connectivity solutions. The S-Flex™ is the latest addition to our FSP 3000 solution. With 400Gbit/s total capacity, it supports a wide range of DCI protocols and speeds. It accommodates a broad spectrum of Fibre Channel speeds, from 16Gbit/s to 32Gbit/s to 64Gbit/s, along with a diverse range of Ethernet speeds starting from 1Gbit/s. It also extends support for IBM Z connectivity services.

Single card, multiple DCI capabilities

With just one card, users can deliver any type of DCI service and speed, making S-Flex™ an invaluable tool for dynamic data center environments.

Adva Network Security ConnectGuard™ encryption

Adva Network Security has pioneered low-latency, multi-layer encryption solutions that are right now safeguarding data in motion for many mission-critical applications. Its ConnectGuardTM security technology is even combating tomorrow’s quantum security threats. Built by the industry’s leading security experts, the German-based organization helps businesses and government agencies security-harden their networks to ensure critical infrastructure is protected against cyber threats. With ConnectGuardTM encryption, our FSP 3000 S-Flex™ provides robust data security. Moreover, with a crypto-agile design, key exchange algorithms can be upgraded in the field to support the latest quantum-safe security algorithms. This enables a continuously updated security standard, ready to meet the challenges of an ever-evolving cyber landscape.

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