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Access nodes are moving outside the central office

The growing demand for bandwidth is pushing operators to adopt 1Gbit/s and 10Gbit/s speeds at access nodes. Furthermore, since most broadband access technologies are only effective at close range, access nodes keep moving closer to the end user, at street cabinets or the customer premises, where environmental and operating conditions differ greatly from the standard telecoms environments. This shift leads to a set of specific new requirements: equipment must be compact (low-footprint) and operate quietly (low-noise), while also being energy-efficient, consuming minimal power and occupying less space. It also needs to be hardened to support a broader temperature range than typically required in a standard central office. Moreover, every component must be fully accessible from the front, ensuring easy maintenance and operation. Our FSP 3000 AccessFlex™ has been designed to meet these demands and more.

Optimized for critical operational efficiency

Our FSP 3000 AccessFlex™ consumes little power and space, produces low levels of noise and requires minimal maintenance.
Access nodes keep moving closer to the end user, at street cabinets or the customer premises.

G.709 OTN-compliant mapping

ITU-T G.709-compliant mapping and services multiplexing enable smooth interoperability with other FSP 3000 and third-party optical transport network (OTN) equipment.

Versatile DWDM OTN terminal

Our FSP 3000 AccessFlex™ is a 1RU ETSI-compliant shelf for the transport of 1Gbit/s and 10Gbit/s Ethernet services over 10Gbit/s OTU2/2e C/DWDM or grey line signals. With a monolithic and fanless design, this compact shelf has low power consumption and footprint, and produces low noise levels. The FSP 3000 AccessFlex™ provides eight pluggable SFP/SFP+ ports supporting up to 4x 10GbE or 6x GbE clients and up to 4x 10Gbit/s OUT2/2e line interfaces, with a total capacity of 40Gbit/s in a 1RU shelf. Mapping and multiplexing of services are compliant with the ITU-T G.709 recommendation. What’s more, the FSP 3000 AccessFlex™ is capable of operating in various modes, including as a quadruple transponder, a 6x GbE to 10Gbit/s OTU2/2e muxponder, or a dual regenerator. This versatility enables it to seamlessly integrate into a wide range of network setups, offering unprecedented flexibility and efficiency in managing diverse telecommunications demands.

For a broad range of applications

The FSP 3000 AccessFlex™ supports grey, CWDM, DWDM and bi-directional interfaces for dark fiber, passive and active DWDM applications.

Easy to install and manage

Our FSP 3000 AccessFlex™ is designed for effortless setup and management, featuring low-touch provisioning along with comprehensive local and remote management capabilities. It provides in-band ITU-T G.709-compliant general communication channels (GCC) and RJ45 and USB-C serial ports. It also supports facility and terminal loopbacks on both the client and network interfaces and offers comprehensive fault and performance monitoring. The design of the FSP 3000 AccessFlex™ has been optimized for the highest operational simplicity and reliability. All modules and fiber/cable handling are accessible from the front. Power supply modules can be 1+1 redundant and are field-replaceable. What’s more, its 1RU shelf is ETSI-compliant and can be installed in 19/23-inch NEBS/ANSI and 300mm ETSI-compliant racks, as well as in weather-proof street cabinets.

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