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Ensemble SaaS MANO

Accelerating uCPE deployments

Today’s enterprises and communication service providers (CSPs) are constantly seeking to enhance the speed, scale and cost-efficiency of their virtualized services. However, deploying and managing these services can be a complex and resource-intensive process, often requiring significant investments in infrastructure, training and personnel. That’s where our Ensemble SaaS MANO comes in. It’s the industry’s first NFV management and orchestration (MANO) platform delivered through a software-as-a-service (SAAS) model. This innovative solution simplifies and accelerates uCPE deployments, ensuring faster time-to-market for CSPs and enterprise customers.

Scalable cloud-based solution

Ensemble SaaS MANO is hosted in the public cloud and managed by us or our partners, offering complete flexibility and scale. Through a subscription-based model, customers can gain cost-efficient access to an open NFV MANO architecture that supports the rapid rollout of secure virtualized services across multiple locations. By simplifying and accelerating service deployment, our platform adds value for both large and small operators. Ensemble SaaS MANO provides a risk-free path to uCPE success, enabling businesses to unlock the full potential of network virtualization without the need for major upfront investments.

Open platform for virtualized service creation


Our Ensemble SaaS MANO platform is built on our Ensemble Orchestrator and Ensemble Virtualization Director solutions. Ensemble Orchestrator integrates cloud and network management to enable quick, reliable service creation and activation. It’s cost-effective, scalable and open to third-party and open-source VNFs. Ensemble Virtualization Director provides critical NFV infrastructure management functions, including zero-touch configuration and SDN control. Its sophisticated fault and performance management capabilities make it the missing piece for operationalizing and managing NFV at scale.

Ensemble Orchestrator

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Ensemble Virtualization Director

Our Ensemble Virtualization Director is a management platform for the creation and deployment of virtualized services. It gives operators visibility into, and control of, their virtualized resources ...
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