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FSP 150-XG118Pro

Mastering 5G connectivity challenges

Our FSP 150-XG118Pro has been specifically designed for mobile network operators (MNOs) to seamlessly introduce 5G technology. With multi-layer demarcation capabilities and precise synchronization delivery, this cell site gateway meets all current mobile network requirements. And with 10Gbit/s capacity, it enables MNOs to benefit from 5G’s much wider spectrum. What’s more, its open SDN control paves the way for automated network slicing – a prerequisite for industrial IoT applications. A member of our successful and widely deployed FSP 150-XG100 series, the FSP 150-XG118Pro is your gateway to risk-free 5G migration and a world of new opportunities.

Lower latency with edge computing

A pluggable server upgrades our FSP 150-XG118Pro into a high-performance mobile edge computing node for local hosting of virtual network functions.
With our FSP 150-XG118Pro, MNOs can offer low-latency services by processing data close to where it’s created.

Synchronization is key to 5G

Precise transparent clock technology based on hardware-processing of IEEE 1588 timestamps meets the sync requirements of even the most stringent 5G services.

Best-in-class hardware meets best-in-class software

With our award-winning, field-proven Ensemble Connector NFVI hosting software, the FSP 150-XG118Pro supports the widest range of virtual network functions (VNFs) from the industry’s largest VNF ecosystem, Ensemble Harmony. Our vast experience from many live networks assures a smooth migration from centrally hosted network functions to edge hosting, enabling ADVA customers to focus on revenue-generating services rather than the burden of complex network integration and testing.

New revenue streams

With the rollout of low-latency services, our FSP 150-XG118Pro can be extended in-service with a pluggable high-performance server.

Preparing for tomorrow’s markets

5G networks enable MNOs to offer high-scale machine-to-machine communication, opening up new service opportunities with industrial IoT. Our FSP 150-XG118Pro makes it possible to provide low-latency services by processing data close to its origin. Now enterprises can apply mobile networks with even the most mission-critical control processes. With our FSP 150-XG118Pro we’re addressing all essential 5G cell site gateway requirements such a high bandwidth, edge computing and precise synchronization.

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