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NetVanta 3000 Series

Fixed-port, high-performance Ethernet routers

Our NetVanta 3000 Series of fix-port access routers are perfect for carrier-bundled service offerings, and enterprise-class internet access for secure, high-speed corporate connectivity. There are two distinct platforms, the NetVanta 3140 and 3148. The NetVanta 3140 Series supports 100Mbit/s routing performance in a small form factor. The NetVanta 3148 Series supports up to 500Mbit/s routing performance and offers an additional GbE interface, two of which can be fiber-fed. It also features an 8-port Ethernet switch, which can be PoE enabled.

NetVanta 3140 Series

Our NetVanta 3140 Series offers two distinct form factors: one is a plastic desktop chassis, while the other is a metal enclosure that can be easily rack mounted. Each device features three routed GbE interfaces and one USB interface for 3G/4G/5G access and supports 100Mbit/s routing performance. VPN and special voice monitoring services can also be added as an optional upgrade. All our NetVanta 3140 devices can provide eSBC functionality via software as your VoIP services expand, supporting up to 300 simultaneous calls.

NetVanta 3148 Series

Our NetVanta 3148 Series of Ethernet routers support up to 500Mbit/s routing performance, have four routed, autosensing GbE interfaces, two of which can be fiber-fed, and a built-in 8-port Ethernet switch, which can be PoE enabled. All the NetVanta 3148 devices can provide optional VPN, voice quality monitoring and eSBC functionality for up to 1000 simultaneous calls, delivering a truly converged application platform at the customer premises.

Feature NetVanta 3140 (desktop) NetVanta 3140 (rackmount) NetVanta 3148 NetVanta 3148P
GbE interfaces 3x GbE ports 3x GbE ports 2x combo ports
2x GbE ports
2x combo ports
2x GbE ports
8-port GbE switch

Yes Yes
PoE     200W
VPN tunnels

Optional 500 tunnels

Optional 500 tunnels Optional 500 tunnels Optional 500 tunnels
Voice quality monitoring Optional Optional Optional Optional
SBC software options
(# of calls)
5,10,25,50,100,300 5,10,25,50,100,300 5,10,25,50,100,300 5,10,25,50,100,300
Part number 1700340FI
4700340F2 (with EFP)
4700340F2 (with EFP)
47004148F2 (with EFP)
47004148F21(with EFP)

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