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Daniel Burch discusses LEO satellite timing and zero-trust approaches at MMC

Presentation will delve into the integration of Low-Earth orbit satellite systems to enhance network reliability amidst growing GPS vulnerabilities

  • Speakers: Daniel Burch, senior manager of business development, sales at Oscilloquartz, Adtran
  • Topics: Low-Earth orbit satellites and zero trust of GPS as a reference 
  • When: Tuesday, May 14, 10:15 a.m. ET
  • Where: Merit Member Conference, Saint John’s Resort, Plymouth, Michigan, USA 

The increasing frequency of cyberattacks, including jamming and spoofing of GPS signals, highlights significant vulnerabilities in the reliance on conventional GNSS for critical network timing and synchronization. As such, sectors, including public safety, finance and telecommunications, are urgently seeking more secure alternatives.

In this session, Daniel Burch will explore the practical applications of Low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellite systems as immediate, off-the-shelf solutions to supplement or replace GNSS signals. Attendees will gain insights into the integration process of LEO technologies with existing network infrastructures, allowing legacy synchronization solutions to remain operational while significantly improving system security and reliability. The discussion will also cover recent incidents where GPS vulnerabilities led to the loss of critical emergency services and disruptions at major US airports, underlining the necessity for the adoption of LEO satellite systems in hardening critical infrastructures.