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Stefano Fogli talks disaggregated OLT for nationwide fiber connectivity at PLNOG

Session will explore the future of Poland's fiber access market and outline how disaggregated OLT architectures can meet the European digital agenda

  • Speakers: Stefano Fogli, director of technology and solutions at Adtran
  • Topics: Poland at full fiber: The benefits of the disaggregated access OLT to meet the European digital agenda target
  • When: Monday, May 13, 12:45 p.m. CET
  • Where: PLNOG 32, Hotel Galaxy Kraków, Poland 

Poland’s fiber access market has already gained substantial momentum. Over the next five years, many more homes and businesses will transition from copper-based to fiber-based services, and many of these will be based on 10Gbit/s PON access technologies, boosting the digitalization of the whole country. This shift presents new technical challenges for Polish network operators, such as deploying fiber in both dense and rural areas, accommodating the steady increase in bandwidth per user, and reducing the overall power footprint of the network. 

In this session, Stefano Fogli will explore the technical challenges of nationwide "fiberization" and demonstrate why a disaggregated optical line terminal (OLT) architecture, similar to those used in modern data centers, is the most effective approach. He will also discuss the crucial aspect of cost-effectively monitoring deployed fiber assets.