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Alon Stern reveals advanced ePRTC research at WSTS 2024

Presentation will explore the topic of parametric holdover and take a deep dive into cutting edge investigations that test the limits of cesium clock holdover and accuracy

  • Speakers: Alon Stern, senior manager of technology at Oscilloquartz, Adtran
  • Topics: Pushing the limits of ePRTC – timing the future in the face of increasing GNSS vulnerabilities
  • When: Wednesday, May 8, 2 p.m. PDT
  • Where: Workshop on synchronization and timing systems (WSTS) 2024, Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa and Marina, San Diego, California, USA

To ensure holdover periods provide adequate protection for PNT-dependent infrastructure, the latest G.8272.1 standard introduces the concept of parametric holdover. This guidance is meant ensure optimal continuity and precision in PNT networks when GNSS is compromised. It includes specifications on how fallback mechanisms, such as enhanced primary reference time clocks (ePRTC), should operate.

In this session, Alon Stern will argue that critical PNT networks require longer holdover periods than those specified by the G.8272.1 standard. He will discuss simulations that boost the performance of ePRTC solutions, and explain how the research findings can be implemented in real-world PNT networks to achieve 100 nanoseconds of accuracy for up to 100 days.