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Ronan Kelly talks fiber asset optimization at Connected Britain 2023

Presentation will explore how strategic hardware and software investments can encourage optimal resource utilization and deliver maximum ROI

  • Speakers: Ronan Kelly, CTO, EMEA and APAC regions, Adtran
  • Topics: Eliminate the waste with function convergence and right-sizing
  • When: Wednesday, September 20, 3:55 p.m. BST
  • Where: Connected Britain, ExCeL London, London, UK

Redundant infrastructures and overlapping services lead to unnecessary expense and underutilized assets. Aside from just making good business sense, an uncertain financial landscape further increases the need to optimize and streamline investments made in fiber networking equipment. The key to eliminating waste and increasing ROI is to embrace functions convergence and right-sizing.

In this session, Ronan Kelly will explain how services can be integrated onto a unified fiber platform, helping CSPs cater to subscriber needs without redundant infrastructure. He will also detail how right-sizing using scalable technology ensures investments are tailored to demand to ensure every asset deployed plays a vital role in serving end users. Register now for the in-person or virtual event beginning September 20.