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David LaCagnina, Michael Shaw and Michael Sumitra share insights into Wi-Fi 6, 6E and 7 in live webinar

Free online session will explore the latest Wi-Fi technology, market drivers and strategies for optimizing costs while delivering outstanding customer experiences

  • Speakers: David LaCagnina, principal systems architect, Wi-Fi solutions, Adtran; Michael Shaw, director, PLM, residential Wi-Fi solutions, Adtran; Michael Sumitra, manager, solutions marketing, Adtran
  • Topics: Everything you wanted to know about Wi-Fi 6, 6E, and 7 but were afraid to ask
  • When: Wednesday, April 26, 4 p.m. BST
  • Where: Adtran webinar series: .  

In this free 45-minute webinar, we’ll explore the latest Wi-Fi technology and its potential to complement your fiber rollouts. Our expert speakers will guide you through emerging Wi-Fi standards such as Wi-Fi 6, 6E, and 7, and offer strategies for optimizing costs while delivering great customer experiences. You'll gain insights into the market factors driving fiber, 10G and Wi-Fi investments. We'll also decode the buzz around features such as the 6GHz band, 160MHz and 320MHz channels, triband backhaul, and MLO, MU-MIMO, and AQM. Plus, we'll cover managed Wi-Fi, service delivery platforms and more.

Whether you're a network operator, service provider, or simply interested in the latest trends in Wi-Fi technology, join us and discover how to stay ahead of the curve with Wi-Fi 6, 6E and 7.