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Axel Schalt talks net neutrality and the fiber industry at FTTH Conference

Workshop to reveal FTTH Council strategies and how the industry is working collaboratively to establish standards and best practices

  • Speakers: Axel Schalt, principal business analyst, Adtran; Cécile Schneider, sales and marketing, director, TELENCO NETWORKS, Jan Schindler, market intelligence and business development, Prysmian Group and board member, FTTH Council Europe; Jeroen Kanselaar, manager, ESG, Eurofiber; Martijn Rooijakkers, business line manager, FTTH, Genexis; Mathieu Andriessen, managing director, NLconnect; Michel Schwarz, sales and export manager connectivity, Attema B.V.; Norian Wasch, director procurement (CPO), Eurofiber Group; Philippe Chanclou, team manager, fixed access networks, Orange Innovation Networks; Xavier Renard, marketing director, ACOME
  • Topics: Workshop 4A - Collaboration to engage further decarbonization of the fiber sector 
  • When:  Tuesday, April 18, 9:30 a.m. CEST
  • Where: FTTH Conference 2023, IFEMA, Madrid

Join us at the FTTH Conference to learn how the fiber industry is driving toward the EU’s 2050 net neutrality targets. In this workshop, you will gain a solid foundation of the tools and strategies that the FTTH Council is using to accomplish this goal. We’ll explore how the industry is working collaboratively to establish standards and best practices, and share real-world examples of successful implementations. 

Join Axel Schalt and the workshop panel for insights on how fiber can help build a more connected, sustainable future. Register now for the in-person or virtual event beginning April 18.