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Ken Hann tackles cloud and data center synchronization challenges at WSTS

Talk to explain how timing resilience can be achieved across the cloud , exploring a mix of proprietary, open-source and multi-vendor solutions

  • Speaker: Ken Hann, senior director, R&D, Oscilloquartz, Adtran 
  • Topics: Building on TAP – sync resiliency for the cloud 
  • When:  Thursday, March 16, 9:15 a.m. PDT
  • Where: WSTS 2023, JW Marriott Parq, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The rise of data centers and cloud technologies brings new synchronization challenges. Increased scale means there are now orders of magnitude more devices to synchronize. The rise of the new synchronization interface PCIe, and the fact that software, such as OCP, O-RAN, and TAP, is moving into the synchronization plane also creates new timing requirements.

In this presentation, Ken Hann will examine how synchronization resilience can be assured across the cloud. He will consider a mix of proprietary, open-source and multi-vendor solutions, giving detail on how each can be integrated into networks to meet specific synchronization needs. Register now for the in-person or virtual event beginning March 13.