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Daniel Burch examines timing and sync challenges for hybrid networks at WSTS

Session to discuss real-world networks currently in transition and explore how legacy timing can be maintained

  • Speaker: Daniel Burch, senior business development manager, Oscilloquartz, Adtran 
  • Topics: Case studies in achieving resilient timing 
  • When:  Wednesday, March 15, 2:10 p.m. PDT
  • Where: WSTS 2023, JW Marriott Parq, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

As service providers transition from legacy TDM-based networks to packet-based technology, thousands of embedded measurement, switching and service management elements must continue to operate optimally. But not all legacy devices work well over packet networks, so, increasingly,  providers are deploying SONET/packet hybrid networks to meet current and future needs.

In this presentation, Daniel Burch will examine cases of providers transitioning to a SONET/packet hybrid network and show how they maintain legacy timing during the transition process. He will also detail how they can manage inherent challenges to this combined approach to ensure resilient packet and TDM-based timing. Register now for the in-person or virtual event beginning March 13.